5 Ways to Ease Your Dog’s Joint Pain

Keeping your canine’s joint health a top priority can help prevent and alleviate arthritic pain and discomfort. Scheduling bi-annual visits to the vet can help you promote long lasting joint health in your pup, and it will also allow you to identify problems before they become serious.

Is your Dog feeling ‘Ruff’?

Pairing a balanced, healthy diet with preventative medications is advised by most veterinarians. If you notice your dog’s quality of mobility has decreased, keep a journal that details specific symptoms your dog has and when they occur. The journal will help you isolate any activities or events that precipitate the pain and will help you provide more information to your dog’s veterinarian.


Balanced Diet

Keeping meal and snack times healthy is one of the number one ways to promote a long, pain free life for your pet. There are several different types of dog food containing glucosamine and chondroitin. Look for specialty brands catering to specific health needs, i.e., “joint health,” for dogs. You can also hide a veterinarian recommended vitamin in a healthy snack for added protection.

Stretch and Fetch

An active lifestyle is beneficial to your pet for many reasons, and joint health is no exception. At least 30 minutes of exercise a day is recommended by most veterinarians. Choose an activity that your dog loves, such as swimming, playing in the yard, going for a walk, visiting your local dog park, or a quick game of fetch.

Shih tzu Shiatsu

Giving your fur baby a little rub here and there can reduce joint stress and alleviate pain. Gently rubbing around the soreness has been known to help reduce pain in sore joints and promote relaxation.


Lightly squeezing on your pup’s pressure points is a sure fire way to give your favorite co-pilot some relief. By gently massaging the Achilles heel, you are in turn relaxing the reactive nerves causing the pain.

Herbal Remedies

Prescription medications are often helpful, but it is important to be aware of any side effects your pup could experience. Natural herbal remedies can help supplement or replace some of the prescription medications that your dog may be taking to relieve joint pain. Glucosamine and chondroitin pills can be given to your dog by hiding them in peanut butter or in another of their favorite treats. The same pills that adults take will work for your pet too, so you can pick up this remedy at your local pharmacy or grocery store!

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Pet Health Tips: Preventing Obesity in Your Pet

Surprisingly, more than 50% of dogs and cats are considered overweight or obese according to a new study. Overweight pets are at risk of developing medical issues and conditions, including breathing problems, diabetes, arthritis, and even some forms of cancer.

If your pet is suffering from obesity, there are some steps you can take to help your pet slim down. By keeping your pet healthy, he or she will be able to enjoy a much longer, happier life!

#1. Evaluate Your Pet’s Weight

If you’re not sure if your pet is overweight, it may be time to size him up. Take him into your veterinarian for a check up and ask about his body condition score (or BCS). Using this measurement system, your veterinarian will be able to quickly evaluate your pet’s weight and determine whether he is overweight, underweight, or at an optimal weight for his size. Normally, you should be able to feel your pet’s ribs (but not see them) through a thin layer of flesh and fat. Your pet should also have a defined waist, which can be found between the hips and ribs.

#2. Measure Food Portions

If your veterinarian determines that your dog or cat is overweight, the next step is to make sure to give your cat or dog the appropriate portion of food so that he or she can maintain a healthy weight. Many pet owners simply fill up the bowl or make a rough estimate as to how much their dog or cat should be eating, but this is one of the major causes of excessive weight gain in animals. For example, if a cat eats even one extra teaspoon of food than what he needs per day (usually about 300 calories), they can gain a whole pound over the course of a year. For a 10 lb. cat, that is almost a 10% increase in body weight! So make sure that you are feeding your pets the right amount of food each day to help them maintain a healthy weight.

#3. Keep Your Pet Moving

Exercise is so important to maintaining good health, and it is just as important for pets as it is for humans! Daily exercise and a nutrient-rich, healthy diet are an unstoppable combination that will keep your pet healthy and happy for a lifetime. Taking your dog on a short 20-30 minute walk every day is all you need to do to improve immune function, cardiovascular health, and offset behavioral problems. For cats, five to fifteen minutes a day of play with a laser pointer or cat toy is typically enough to keep them healthy.

If you would like to learn more about our 100% organic, non alcohol formula, please visit www.kissyourpet.com or visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/kissyourpetspray

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Pet Care Products Made in the U.S.A are Safer for Your Pet

Pet products made in the U.S.A undergo strict inspections and must adhere to federal guidelines, whereas products made overseas have been proven to put dogs at risk for health problems and even death. After a large recall happened several years ago, pet owners have become weary of any pet care products and food items that are produced in China.

Risks of Pet Food and Dental Care Products that are Made Overseas

Since international standards have not been effective at eliminating the widespread contamination problem, it is important for pet owners to make sure to provide their pets with only the healthiest, safest food and oral care products. To ensure a long, healthy, happy life for your pet, it is best to avoid products that were made in countries like China, as there are very low quality control standards in those countries. By using pet care products and especially dental care products on your pet that are made overseas, you run the risk that the ingredients have not been tested for quality and are not safe for your pet.

Advantages of American Made Pet Products

Many American companies that produce dental care products undergo stringent testing for toxins before their line of products hits the shelves. Make sure that the company tests all ingredients that will be included in the dental spray as well as the finished batches for bacteria and mycotoxins. Products made overseas can be very dangerous for your pet, as 1,000 unsuspecting dog owners learned after their pets became seriously ill from a batch contaminated treats made in China.

With new concerns surfacing about the health risks and safety of pet products made overseas, it is very important to take steps to ensure that your pet food and care products are made with healthy, all natural ingredients under strict quality control guidelines.

If you would like to learn more about our 100% organic, non alcohol formula, please visit www.kissyourpet.com or visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/kissyourpetspray

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How Alcohol Containing Pet Dental Spray can Harm Your Pet

For many years, alcohol has been used in mouthwash and other oral hygiene products, but evidence has come to light which links the use of alcohol in dental care products to oral cancer. Since certain alcohol-containing mouthwashes are made from 26% alcohol, these dental care products are suspected to contribute to an increased likelihood of contracting oral cancer.

Studies Link Oral Cancer to Alcohol Containing Mouthwashes

A study conducted in 1979 on 200 patients concluded that 10 of the 11 patients that did not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes used mouthwash often that had a high concentration of alcohol. Another study that took place in 1991 concluded that men had a 40% higher risk and women had a 60% higher risk of contracting oral cancer from using mouthwash containing alcohol.

Do Mouthwashes Containing Alcohol Cause Oral Cancer?

Further studies have been conducted, and at first, no link between oral cancer and alcohol-containing mouthwash was established. Later, a review concluded that there may not be a definitive connection between oral cancer and mouthwash; however, they did suggest that since people who smoke and drink alcohol use mouthwash more frequently, it was difficult to make a connection between mouthwash and oral cancer.

How to Help Your Pet Maintain Great Oral Health for a Lifetime

In order to maintain great oral health for your pet, using a dental spray that does not contain alcohol will help keep your pet healthy and happy for a lifetime. A healthy mouth has been linked to better overall health, and it is important to take steps to provide proper oral care to your pets over the course of their lifetime. With a few quick sprays of Kiss Your Pet once a day, you can freshen your pets’ breath, whiten their teeth, and ensure that their mouth is kept clean in between routine vet visits.

If you would like to learn more about our 100% organic, non alcohol formula, please visit www.kissyourpet.com or visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/kissyourpetspray

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Convenient, Effective, Safe Pet Oral Health Spray from Kiss Your Pet

If you find it difficult to brush your pets’ teeth every day, a convenient pet oral health spray is a safe and effective substitute that will produce lasting benefits for your pet. By providing proper oral care, you can promote healthier teeth and gums, prevent dental disease, and maintain optimal overall health. With fresher breath, whiter teeth, and a healthier mouth, you can help your pet live a long, healthy, happy life! If you would like to learn more about our 100% organic, non alcohol formula, please visit www.kissyourpet.com or visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/kissyourpetspray

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How to Maintain Great Oral Health in Cats and Dogs

Helping your pet achieve healthier teeth and gums may be simpler than you think. Along with regular brushings, you can apply Kiss Your Pet oral health spray to your pet’s teeth regularly to help reduce plaque and tartar buildup. Our no alcohol, 100% organic formula is designed to naturally cleanse the mouth of bad bacteria and other impurities that may be trapped in your pet’s mouth. In order to set your pet on the path to a healthier mouth, it is important to take preventative steps so that you can ensure that your pet maintains a healthy mouth throughout their lifetime. You can learn more about Kiss Your Pet at our website located at www.kissyourpet.com or on Faceboook at www.facebook.com/kissyourpetspray .

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Why Your Pets’ Dental Health is so Important

Keeping your pets’ teeth and gums healthy is very important to maintaining good overall health, avoiding dental disease, and promoting fresh breath, whiter teeth, and healthy gums. Since most dogs and cats do not receive daily brushings, they are much more susceptible to common dental diseases. The American Veterinary Dental Society has reported that 70% of cats and 80% of dogs exhibit signs of oral disease by three years of age. Dental diseases if left untreated can affect more than just your pet’s mouth; it can also lead to more serious complications and result in lung, heart, or kidney disease.

Kiss Your Pet was designed with veterinarian and dentist input as an effective pet oral care spray. Kiss Your Pet is 100% organic, contains no alcohol and is all natural. Kiss Your Pet is made in the USA and uses safe and natural ingredients. Regular teeth brushing for your dog or cat is still important and should be performed on a regular basis. However with daily use of Kiss Your Pet you will notice that the amount of plaque is reduced and your pets breath is improved.

If you would like to ask questions about Kiss Your Pet, please contact us here http://kissyourpet.com/contact . You can also connect with us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/kissyourpetspray

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5 Good Reasons to Use an Organic Pet Dental Spray

While organic ingredients are well known as an important element to a healthy diet, they are proving to also be an essential component of safe and effective pet oral health sprays. Kiss Your Pet uses all natural, 100% organic ingredients in their pet dental spray, which means that the spray is safe and healthy for your pet. Here are some reasons to consider using an organic spray over any other type of pet dental spray.

#1. Organic Ingredients are Held to the Highest Standards

Products that are certified organic must be produced without toxic chemical inputs. Organic farmers are held to the highest standards and must undergo a thorough evaluation and inspection to ensure their produce is organic.

#2. Organic Ingredients can Reduce Health Risks

Extensive research has linked pesticides that were previously EPA approved to cancer and other life threatening diseases. The EPA, upon further investigation, announced that 90% of all fungicides, 60% of herbicides, and 40% of insecticides contain cancer-causing components. Organic ingredients are free of these harmful chemicals.

#3. Organic Farmers Have Better Produce

By working in harmony with nature, organic farmers are able to procure better produce than their non-organic counterparts. By using a healthy, balanced ecosystem to cultivate the produce, organic farmers maintain essential elements of the soil and surrounding wildlife to ensure that the produce and ingredients are as healthy and natural as possible.

#4. Organic Farmers Preserve Biodiversity

Organic farmers have been taking steps to preserve various species of plants that have been endangered. A loss of biodiversity has been a growing threat to preserving environmental conditions, but by contributing to organic farming, more biodiversity can be maintained over time.

#5. No Chemicals, Additives, or Toxins

One of the main benefits to using organic ingredients in your pet’s dental spray is that they do not contain any toxins, chemicals, or additives that can harm your pet’s health over time and leave him or her susceptible to certain illnesses.

By choosing a pet oral care spray that is made with only 100% organic ingredients, you can maintain your pets’ dental health while also making a positive impact on the environment.

If you would like to ask questions about Kiss Your Pet, please contact us here http://kissyourpet.com/contact. You can also connect with us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/kissyourpetspray

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