5 Good Reasons to Use an Organic Pet Dental Spray

While organic ingredients are well known as an important element to a healthy diet, they are proving to also be an essential component of safe and effective pet oral health sprays. Kiss Your Pet uses all natural, 100% organic ingredients in their pet dental spray, which means that the spray is safe and healthy for your pet. Here are some reasons to consider using an organic spray over any other type of pet dental spray.

#1. Organic Ingredients are Held to the Highest Standards

Products that are certified organic must be produced without toxic chemical inputs. Organic farmers are held to the highest standards and must undergo a thorough evaluation and inspection to ensure their produce is organic.

#2. Organic Ingredients can Reduce Health Risks

Extensive research has linked pesticides that were previously EPA approved to cancer and other life threatening diseases. The EPA, upon further investigation, announced that 90% of all fungicides, 60% of herbicides, and 40% of insecticides contain cancer-causing components. Organic ingredients are free of these harmful chemicals.

#3. Organic Farmers Have Better Produce

By working in harmony with nature, organic farmers are able to procure better produce than their non-organic counterparts. By using a healthy, balanced ecosystem to cultivate the produce, organic farmers maintain essential elements of the soil and surrounding wildlife to ensure that the produce and ingredients are as healthy and natural as possible.

#4. Organic Farmers Preserve Biodiversity

Organic farmers have been taking steps to preserve various species of plants that have been endangered. A loss of biodiversity has been a growing threat to preserving environmental conditions, but by contributing to organic farming, more biodiversity can be maintained over time.

#5. No Chemicals, Additives, or Toxins

One of the main benefits to using organic ingredients in your pet’s dental spray is that they do not contain any toxins, chemicals, or additives that can harm your pet’s health over time and leave him or her susceptible to certain illnesses.

By choosing a pet oral care spray that is made with only 100% organic ingredients, you can maintain your pets’ dental health while also making a positive impact on the environment.

If you would like to ask questions about Kiss Your Pet, please contact us here http://kissyourpet.com/contact. You can also connect with us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/kissyourpetspray

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