How Alcohol Containing Pet Dental Spray can Harm Your Pet

For many years, alcohol has been used in mouthwash and other oral hygiene products, but evidence has come to light which links the use of alcohol in dental care products to oral cancer. Since certain alcohol-containing mouthwashes are made from 26% alcohol, these dental care products are suspected to contribute to an increased likelihood of contracting oral cancer.

Studies Link Oral Cancer to Alcohol Containing Mouthwashes

A study conducted in 1979 on 200 patients concluded that 10 of the 11 patients that did not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes used mouthwash often that had a high concentration of alcohol. Another study that took place in 1991 concluded that men had a 40% higher risk and women had a 60% higher risk of contracting oral cancer from using mouthwash containing alcohol.

Do Mouthwashes Containing Alcohol Cause Oral Cancer?

Further studies have been conducted, and at first, no link between oral cancer and alcohol-containing mouthwash was established. Later, a review concluded that there may not be a definitive connection between oral cancer and mouthwash; however, they did suggest that since people who smoke and drink alcohol use mouthwash more frequently, it was difficult to make a connection between mouthwash and oral cancer.

How to Help Your Pet Maintain Great Oral Health for a Lifetime

In order to maintain great oral health for your pet, using a dental spray that does not contain alcohol will help keep your pet healthy and happy for a lifetime. A healthy mouth has been linked to better overall health, and it is important to take steps to provide proper oral care to your pets over the course of their lifetime. With a few quick sprays of Kiss Your Pet once a day, you can freshen your pets’ breath, whiten their teeth, and ensure that their mouth is kept clean in between routine vet visits.

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