Pet Care Products Made in the U.S.A are Safer for Your Pet

Pet products made in the U.S.A undergo strict inspections and must adhere to federal guidelines, whereas products made overseas have been proven to put dogs at risk for health problems and even death. After a large recall happened several years ago, pet owners have become weary of any pet care products and food items that are produced in China.

Risks of Pet Food and Dental Care Products that are Made Overseas

Since international standards have not been effective at eliminating the widespread contamination problem, it is important for pet owners to make sure to provide their pets with only the healthiest, safest food and oral care products. To ensure a long, healthy, happy life for your pet, it is best to avoid products that were made in countries like China, as there are very low quality control standards in those countries. By using pet care products and especially dental care products on your pet that are made overseas, you run the risk that the ingredients have not been tested for quality and are not safe for your pet.

Advantages of American Made Pet Products

Many American companies that produce dental care products undergo stringent testing for toxins before their line of products hits the shelves. Make sure that the company tests all ingredients that will be included in the dental spray as well as the finished batches for bacteria and mycotoxins. Products made overseas can be very dangerous for your pet, as 1,000 unsuspecting dog owners learned after their pets became seriously ill from a batch contaminated treats made in China.

With new concerns surfacing about the health risks and safety of pet products made overseas, it is very important to take steps to ensure that your pet food and care products are made with healthy, all natural ingredients under strict quality control guidelines.

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